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· ESP: Pulse es una visual novel que nos lleva a tres momentos significativos en una vida, permitiéndonos afrontarlos de maneras diferentes. Según nuestras experiencias creceremos para ser una persona u otra. Porque en la vida, hasta las decisiones más pequeñas importan. Hecho en menos de 48h durante la Global Game Jam 2017

· ENG: Pulse is a visual novel which leads the player through three meaningful moments of a life, allowing them to face them in many different ways. Our experiences will be crucial to define us as a unique person. Because even the smallest decisions matter in our lives. Made in less than 48h during Global Game Jam 2017

* note: this version is spanish only. We would love to be able to translate the game to as many languages as possible. Maybe you can help us ;)



  • Marta Trivi @MartaTrivi
  • Marta Casares @iEmeCeh
  • Lucía Herrero @kiaralu_


  • María Quero
  • Mateo Quero
  • Tania López @TLNitram


  • Oliver Moya @Oli_mus


  • Miguel Criado @Macro

Install instructions

· ESP: Descomprimir archivo .zip y ejecutar Pulse.exe

· ENG: Unzip the .zip file and execute Pulse.exe


Pulse v1.1 (Windows x86).zip 23 MB


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